About Us


Our Philosophy

Cottesloe Dental, your local Perth Dentist, is committed to the promotion of life long dental health by providing dental education, preventative and reconstructive dentistry using the latest techniques in a professional and friendly environment. We are proud of the quality service we have been providing for more than 90 years and strive to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible at Cottesloe Dental. To achieve this we aim to fully diagnose your current and future dental needs and then provide you with all the possible treatment options. Comprehensive treatment planning and proactive dental treatment allows us to reduce the number of visits required minimising disruption to your personal schedule.

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We operate by appointment only. To most efficiently utilise your time and ours, please advise us with as much notice as possible should an emergency arise which makes it necessary for you to reschedule your appointment. Unless 24 HOURS NOTICE is given for cancellation, a fee may be charged.

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Business Hours

The practice is open for appointments from 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. In addition, for our regular patients, evening and Saturday appointments can be arranged on request. If your regular dentist is on leave, your records are available and reciprocal arrangements are in place for another Dentist at the practice to provide treatment if you wish.

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Emergency Service

During office hours emergency treatment will, where possible, be provided by your regular dentist. If, however, this involves an unreasonable delay, one of our other Dentists will see you at the first available opportunity. For our regular patients, who require emergency treatment outside of practice hours, a dentist is available on Saturday morning otherwise please phone your dentist at home. All private numbers are listed in the White Pages.

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Specialist Referrals

Our dentists enjoy a close working relationship with a wide range of Perth dental specialists and it is our policy to refer patients where appropriate.

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Infection Control

Infection control is of prime importance to us. Extensive precautions are taken to ensure that you are protected. We adhere to the standards set out in the AS/NZS standard 4815:2006 and follow Australian Dental Association directed guidelines. All our handpieces and instruments are sterilised by autoclaving after every patient. For those items that cannot be sterilised we use disposable, single use items. Barrier coverings are placed on surfaces which may be touched during treatment and these are changed after each visit. If you have any queries or are unsure of any aspect of sterilisation, please ask your dentist.

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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act 1988 requires dental practitioners to obtain consent from their patients to collect, use and disclose that patient’s personal information. Cottesloe Dental acknowledges and respects these requirements and our Privacy Policy is available upon request.

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In order to minimise our administrative costs, and in line with current professional practice and other Perth Dentists, our accounts are raised at the time of treatment.
We expect payment at the time of treatment. Payments can be made by cash, cheque (personal and insurance fund) and EFTPOS (Visa, Bankcard, American Express, Mastercard and Debit Card). In some cases, where laboratory procedures are involved, you may be requested to provide a deposit (usually one half of treatment costs) prior to commencement of treatment. When treatment costs are anticipated to be over $1,500.00, payment in advance of treatment attracts a 5% saving, however, please note that no discount is offered to accounts paid through American Express.

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Estimates Of Treatment Costs

Following an examination by your Dentist, we will provide a written estimate of the treatment costs involved. This will also indicate the relevant treatment code numbers for reference to your dental insurance provider. This information cannot be accurately provided without examination/assessment by your Dentist, and even then on some occasions may need to be adjusted as a result of findings during the course of treatment. We will, of course, always discuss any changes with you.

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Debt Collection

Please be aware that any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Cottesloe Dental in recovering any overdue monies, including debt collection agency fees and solicitors costs, shall be paid by the party responsible for payment of the account

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Other advantages to our patients include:

  • Our onsite laboratory provides, amongst other services, state of the art ceramic restorations. Our dentists are able to confer directly and immediately with the laboratory avoiding unnecessary additional visits.

  • In most cases, same day denture repairs

  • For the very apprehensive patient, and to ensure your comfort, we are able to provide nitrous oxide sedation (happy gas), intravenous sedation under medical supervision or general anesthesia in hospital if required.

  • All our dentists are registered Department of Veteran Affairs dental officers.

  • We offer our existing patients an after hours emergency service.

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For further information please contact us at Cottesloe Dental, your local Perth Dentist. Download our About Us brochure here.