Why is Cottesloe Dental not a preferred provider

In recent years some health funds have introduced preferred provider schemes which claim to decrease your out-of-pocket costs. At Cottesloe Dental we have chosen not to participate in any of these schemes. These schemes mean your health fund can dictate which dentist you can see. It does not decrease your premium or increase your annual limits.

In February 2008 the WA Branch of the Australian Dental Association examined HBF’s Preferred Provider Scheme and stated "...that despite increasing ancillary contribution income, the ancillary benefits paid total has dropped significantly with substantial surplus balances, ...HBF has not increased dental rebates across the board for 14 consecutive years.'" (ADAWA Newsletter February 2008 pg 10.).

Remember, the health fund is just a business and the preferred provider scheme is a business decision. We strongly believe preferred provider schemes are not in the best interest of our patients. We believe it should be your choice to see whichever dentist you please. Ultimately it is your decision, but be aware there are health funds out there doing the right thing by their customers and the dental profession. Just ask our office for further information.

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