Do You Suffer From Jaw Joint Pain, Head & Neck Muscle Pain And Associated Headaches?

Date Published: 15/04/2013

Dr.Tina Morris recently gave a lecture to the Dental Study Group of Western Australia (a group of General Dentists and Dental Specialists), on Temporomandibular joint pain (jaw joint pain), head and neck muscle pain and associated headaches.

Grinding and clenching the teeth can often cause pain in the muscles of the head and neck and can also cause headaches.  Referred pain from muscles in the neck can also cause headaches and pain in the muscles of the head and face. 

Dr. Morris discussed diagnosis of jaw joint problems and, in association with Physiotherapist Michael Devine, discussed treatment of jaw problems, head and neck muscle pain and the treatment of headaches caused by these problems.  These treatments included occlusal splints, manipulation and massage and dry needling techniques.

If you suffer from pain in the muscles of the head and neck, suffer from frequent headaches or have problems with your Temporomandibular (jaw) joint, then call us to investigate the problems and find a solution.


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