Dr Joshua Graieg completes Advanced Training in Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr Didier Dietschi

Date Published: 25/03/2013

Geneva-Photo-(2).jpgPanoramic view of Geneva from the tower at St Peter's Cathedral

In February, Dr. Joshua Graieg travelled all the way to Geneva, Switzerland to complete advanced hands on training in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry of Posterior Teeth. The course was run by one of the world leaders in the field, Dr. Didier Dietschi at the Geneva Smile Center, one of the Leading Dental Centers of the World TM.
Below are some short comments from Dr Graieg regarding his trip:

“It was a fantastic experience to learn directly from one of the Masters of Cosmetic Dentistry Dr Didier Dietschi. It was really a long way to travel from Perth, but it was more than worthwhile. The course was not just about making our dental restorations for back teeth look as life like and natural as possible, but about how to do things so they will be as strong as possible and last as long as possible. Nowadays there has really been a shift in dentistry to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. We are really trying to restore teeth with bonded techniques that allow the reinforcement of teeth without the unnecessary removal of additional tooth structure. The beauty of this is that the final out come for patients is something that less invasive and very aesthetic.”

Dr Graieg and Dr Dietschi at the Geneva Smile Centre



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