Dr Tina Morris - Spear Education & Training Centre (Phoenix, Arizona)

Date Published: 13/06/2013

Dr Tina Morris has just returned from spending time in the USA to further her dental education. Dr Morris reported on her trip away;

As some of you may already know I have recently been away for a couple of weeks doing some continuing education in the USA. It was another amazing trip and I learnt a lot! I attended three separate courses at the Spear Education and Training Centre in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first focused on diagnosis and treatment for people with either a few worn teeth or heavily worn teeth as in these photos.


Worn Teeth


Worn Teeth

Why is it important to treat worn teeth? We can make teeth and smiles look significantly better but also, importantly, we can protect the teeth from getting any worse and possibly being lost. It’s about helping people to maintain their teeth – for function and aesthetics!  I also learnt a lot more about ‘creating aesthetic excellence’ and about the different options available to make teeth, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures look amazing. And finally, I took a course to improve my technical skills. Many of you already know what a perfectionist I am (some people like to call this ‘annoying’) and this course has shown me how to do things better.

So, as you can see I fitted a fair bit of information into the time that I was away. It wasn’t all hard work and study though (actually – it was mostly hard work and study!).  I did spend a day at the Grand Canyon.

Dr Tina Morris
 “The Canyon is too vast, too complex, and too grand for words.” John Wesley Powell.

Dr Morris is passionate about Dentistry and about providing the highest standard of care, whether it be for a simple filling, implants or more complex and cosmetic based dental treatment. If you have worn teeth or you are worried about how your teeth look, or you just simply haven’t had a check-up for a while, why not make a time to come in and meet Dr Morris. Please call 9384 1644 to make an appointment.

Dr Tina Morris
Dr Tina Morris  BDSc (Hons) (WA)

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