Western Suburbs Article - 4th March 2014 - Dr Tina Morris discussing What's In A Smile.....

Date Published: 14/03/2014

Cottesloe Dental DentistDale Neill Photography

Did you know that when it comes to smiling that the cause and effect can flow both ways, says Cottesloe Dental dentist Dr Tina Morris.

"Not only does feeling good make you smile, but the very act of smiling can make you feel good," she said.

I have a wonderful photo on the wall in my dental surgery, which was taken by photographer Dale Neill.

"I love it because of the lady's wonderful wide smile."

Dr Tina MorrisDr Morris said that while most people wouldn't want her gold-capped teeth, she believes the photo illustrates that when you like your teeth you will usually smile freely, without trying to hide certain aspects of your smile that you don't like.

"Teeth come in all shapes, sizes, positions and colours and they certainly don't need to be perfect to look good," she said.

"I love doing cosmetic dentistry so if there is anything about your smile that you don't like come in and see what options may be available to correct it."

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