Western Suburbs Article - 16th April 2013... Dr Margaret Szynaka discussing Baby Teeth

Date Published: 15/05/2013

"In my five years at Cottesloe Dental it has been a pleasure treating all my patients in all facets of dentistry but especially my little patients", says Dr Margaret Szynaka.

Margaret, who welcomed her first child last year, said that looking after a child's teeth starts from birth.

"Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth", she said.
"They allow a child to eat properly, speak and maintain space for the adult teeth. Establishing good oral hygiene habits from an early age is very important. I encourage parents to bring in their children around the time the baby teeth start to appear. Being children, they may not allow me to see much of their teeth but these early appointments can be a gentle introduction to the dental environment and an opportunity to offer parents the right advice to prevent dental problems arising".

Margaret said that in recent years there has been an increase in tooth decay rates in children.

"Acid and hidden sugars in many foods and drinks are major contributors", she said.

"We can help with any issues parents may be dealing with, from brushing and flossing their toddler's teeth, fussy eaters needing dietary guidance to advice with teething and knocked teeth, all in a gentle and caring manner".

To make an appointment to meet with Margaret and discuss your child's dental care, call Cottesloe Dental on 9384 1644.

Dr. Maggie Szynaka
Dr Margaret Szynaka  BDSc (WA)

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